About Us

Commitment to Excellence
Our mission at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg is to provide exceptional yoga instruction in an atmosphere that promotes growth and community.

Celebrating Diversity
Yoga Centre Winnipeg embraces inspirational teachings from a wide variety of methods. Our experienced staff of well trained teachers provides a unique opportunity for all levels of practitioners to explore different forms of yoga in a safe setting.

Cultivating Wholeness
Yoga Centre Winnipeg uses the basic principles of movement and alignment to support and encourage the active development of body, mind and spirit.

Joyful Heart
Ultimately we hope your experience at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg is one that inspires joy and heartfelt living.

Cultivating the Seeds of the Divine :  A year-long meditation program

Jan Debenham presents an in-depth program designed as a guide for yoga students on the path to discovering their true nature. In this yearlong meditation program consisting of 8 monthly meetings, students will receive teachings and the opportunity to share in a group setting.

This year’s focus will be the chakras.